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February 21st
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February 22nd
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February 23rd
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February 24th
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Average weather conditions in St. Petersburg for the period of 20-27 February (the analysis based on data from the past 11 years):

The average daily maximum temperature was between -7°C and 1°C, nighttime temperatures varied significantly between -14°C and -3°C. Highest temperature observed was 6°C, lowest temperature observed was - 21°C.

On average there were 4 days with precipitation and a gentle breeze of 3 Bft (Beaufort Force).

Actual weather: Detailed forecast:
Гидрометцентр России (English) (Russian)

IMPORTANT! Due to probable fall of temperature, you are recommended some warm clothing with you.


In Russia foreign currencies are not accepted as payment for goods and services.

The monetary unit of the Russian Federation is the rouble (RUR). One rouble is equivalent to 100 kopec. There are 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000-rouble banknotes, and 1, 5, 10, 50-kopec and 1, 2, 5-rouble coins.

The exchange rate for the beginning of January 2007 is: $1 ≈ 24 RUR, €1 ≈ 36 RUR.

Currency exchange offices, located all across the city, are usually open daily from 10:00 to 20:00. Some offices operate 24 hours a day, though they are uncommon and, as a rule, offer less favorable exchange rates. Currency exchange is performed upon presentation of your ID only. Remember to check exchange rates and don't forget about the commission fee.

ATMs can be found in all parts of St. Petersburg. They accept credit cards of world major banks connected to Master Card, Cirrus, Maestro, and Visa payment systems. Most banks charge some commission, when you are withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks. Be careful to check the cost of this service at your bank prior to such a transaction.

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If you want to make an international call from a fixed-line phone in St. Petersburg please dial:

8 – 10 – country code – city code – phone number

If you want to make a call to St. Petersburg from a foreign country please dial:

+ 7 – 812 – phone number

To make international calls from St. Petersburg you can use phone cards that can be purchased in cell phone shops.

As in most European countries, GSM 900/1800 is the main mobile network standard in Russia. You can use your own phone number or you can join a local mobile network to reduce call costs.

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Emergency services

Rescue Service

Call Center (24-hour):

+7 812 380-91-19 (multichannel)
+7 812 545-47-45
+7 812 545-35-18

112 – phone number for cell emergency calls (you may dial without any SIM card, with empty account and locked cell keypad).

Medical facilities

City First-aid Station: 03
Information on availability of medicaments in the pharmacies of St. Petersburg: +7 812 635-55-66

Driving rules

Russia has right-hand traffic (RHT), the steering wheel in cars is located to the left. Driving rules do not differ from those accepted in most European countries.

Speed limit within communities is 60 kmh, outside localities 90 kmh, at speedways 110 kmh. A community is marked by a signboard with its name against a white background; the community’s limits are marked by a signboard with its name crossed against white background. Road conditions differ – in winter glazed frost and snow are possible. Readability goes down visibly; low speed driving is recommended. Use of special winter tires is recommended as well.

Upon lowering of temperature below -20 °C you may experience some troubles with the cold start system.

Russian traffic police (State Inspection of Road Safety) can hold inspections at check stations and on the roads.

Drunken driving is illegal. The maximum blood alcohol level is not specified by the legislation.

Penalties for traffic violation differ from a 100-rouble fine (about €3) for infringement of rules for safety belts use or for minor overspeeding to forfeiture of driving license for a period of up to two years for drunken driving.

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Supply pressure is 220 V / 50 Hz, European plugs are used.


Water is potable, still drinking bottled water is recommended.
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