Dear friends, sportsmen, competitors and guests!

You are welcome to the «Saint-Petersburg «Northern Forest» Baja that will be held in Russia on February 21-24, 2008. During the last five years this event has been the first to open the Russian Championship; it is held as an international one for the third time, and it is the first time when the event to become the FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas Сandidate.

On behalf of the Russian Automobile Federation the event is held by one of the most experienced organizers, the St. Petersburg Motor sport Federation 4x4.

The event will start in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the largest historic and cultural center of Russia. The official part of the competition and Super Special will be held there as well. The main route runs along the rally roads of Leningrad Region.

The «Saint-Petersburg Northern Forest» Baja is very popular in Russia and I hope that European participants will also come to like it.

Dear friends,

I am glad to invite you to «Saint-Petersburg Northern Forest», my favorite race. This unparalleled snow rally-raid provides a unique opportunity for a competition of raid cars at snow and ice surface.

For this race engine power or suspension are not essential, because it is a sharp sense of car that comes to the foreground, which enables the pilots of relatively unpretentious vehicles to fight the owners of brand prototype products head-to-head.

You will become a witness of the official start at the centre of St. Petersburg and Super Special at the stadium, where many spectators will see duels between the drivers.

You will enjoy astonishing winter landscapes, gain new impressions at the most interesting track and feel cordiality and hospitality of Russian fans.

I hope that you'll accept our invitation and we are looking forward to our winter meeting in St. Petersburg.

Victor Kiryanov,
President of the
Russian Automobile Federation

Ruslan Misikov,
Nart Time team
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