The summer motor sport season in Russia lasts for six months only, from May till October, and several years ago, in order to extend the time margins of rally raid competitions, the first winter races were held in our country, including the «Northern Forest» Baja.

Two or three decades ago the race route of the classical rally «White Nights» occupied almost the same venues as the «Northern Forest» race route nowadays. For its race route the «Northern Forest» used several sections of rally routes, which were artificially shaped into a ring. Such a solution provided a unique race route, where an interchange of speed and technical road sections and cross-country is an excellent test for off-road performance of sports cars.

Since 2003, the «Northern Forest» has been opening the sporting season for Russian pilots. The race became very popular in Russia from the very beginning; traditionally, all the top-rank sportsmen of the country toe the starting line at these competitions. Such a success was contributed to by both high level of implementation provided by the organizers of "Northern forest" and natural factors.

One of these factors is a good choice of time for the race. At the end of February, it is getting dark not so early here, and frost is usually mild. Of course, there are some exceptions, for example, in 2007 one was forced to start at a temperature of around –30°C, though, as a rule, the temperature is keeping at a more comfortable level of –10°C.

The climatic features of the race area are a factor of no less importance. Even in the least snowy winters, there is enough snow. According to the opinion of the event organizers, it is far more than enough; to prepare the race route in time, the special machinery begins clearing roads as early as December. Abundant snow also presets the character of the race, as the road’s microrelief is covered by the layer of ice and compact snow. One may drive along such a covering with almost the same speed as along asphalt, of course, with due account for the fact that snow is turning into ice not infrequently.
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