February 24th 2008, 20:00

Flash-finish interview: following the hot tracks...

Determinative kilometers are behind. They were really determinative: T2 and national class leaders had changed and after an amiabilities exchange the silver and bronze holders of T1 class, of an absolute race respectively, were defined. A lot of impressions. And today pilots tell more about the last racing day. So, here are imressions of participants who fighted for cups in different competition classes...

200 Leonid Novitsky: Everything is fine. Quiet enough. We were not in a harry and controlled the situation. We were driving with a good time reserve. We completed the minimum task – we won this rally. The maximum task – to win the Championship. 

212 Ruslan Misikov: We did not manage to go into the back route during the first circle, and, unfortunately, lost much time. During the second route we manage to speed up and to fight! Due to a big time loss of the first day (because of the technical problems) we could not fight for the first place (it was too late). But it was not too late for the second place and we got it!

202 Alexey Berkut:  Tree crossed our way... We tried to avoid it, but failed! We lost not so much – thirty seconds. Fortunately without any total consequences.

203 Konstantin Zhiltsov: Everything is more or less fine. Today morning we had 1.5 minutes of failure and it was difficult to win it back from Alexander Oleynikov. But apparently he was also warmed up, because he knew that were following him. He either caught the stone or someting else happend with his car wheel. While he was changing the wheel, we went ahead and I thought that there is noone in front of us.

209 Alexander Oleynikov: We are very upset. On the checkpoint the bolts are unscrewd and the left front wheel fell off. Fortunately, it was happend not at a high speed! While we were looking for it and doing some repair work, we lost almost 8 minutes. On the last round we also were driving very carefully. We have lost the first position, but will win the next race.

225 Andrey Dmitriev:  Super! Finally I feel this car! Each round gave me 1.5 minutes more. Honestly speaking – amazing situation! Such a great rally! A bit more efforts and we can fight for the first places.

205 Artem Varentsov:  OK! Everything is fine! But the track is really raced rolled. Horrible! Dangerous!

226 Vadim Nesterchuk:  We did a good job! Fast race! Track did not disturb us so much. It is in a forest and speed there is not so high. Everything was cool! We will come next year for sure!

204 Pavel Loginov:  We did it much better today! Yesterday we had 1 hour and 3 minutes round. Today we did it for 54 minutes! We are satisfied!


& 213 Yury Borovikov:  It was bad! It was not like supposed to be. Binyamin flew ahead of us and won 3 minutes. We lost the first place. 

& 215 Binyamin Dzhepaev: We did the last round at 100%. Yesterday we did our best round for 57 minutes and today we did it for 42 minutes! Thus, we won 3 minutes more!

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