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February 23rd 2008, 23:15

Day of real men

The second day of Baja Northern Forest - 2008 is over. It seemed that weather became quite good for participants, night frozen snow crunchs under car wheels, route has a good sun highlight. Everything forecasts a nice and fascinating fight.

February 23rd 2008, 22:41

Flash interview at final service: Most of them are satisfied with the rally!

During the final service the sportsmen summed up the pluses and minuses of today race and shared their personal impressions and emotions. We had everything today success, failures and big fights... Tomorrow everything will start from the very beginning: the route will go in an opposite direction it means that today hints will be definitely useless. Moreover today driving lines will confuse the pilots, provoking to mistakes. But it will be only tomorrow. Now lets concentrate on drivers thoughts.

February 23rd 2008, 21:16

Marc Roy: As for me, this race perfectly meets the FIA requirements

He is here for the 4th time. At this race he is working as the chief steward, and at home holds the position of vice-president in the National Motorsport Federation, not to forget hes a member of the FIA commission for Cross Country rallies and the organizer of the final round of the French Rally Cup. Meet Marc Roy!

February 23rd 2008, 20:20

Hospitable Igora Resort for those who like to have a rest and know how to do it

Igora Resort is 54 km north of St. Petersburg on the Priozersk Highway, at the highest point of the Leningrad Region. This resort was designed as a first all-year complex in the region. It is a combination of the infrastructure elements of active rest and the european level of comfort. Igora Resort is developing all the time. The second construction stage was finished by the season 2007/2008.

February 23rd 2008, 17:02

Flash interviews after SS3: No news is good news.

SS3, the second lap over the forest circle of stages was surprisingly uneventful. If not for the forced retirement of the rally favorite Boris Gadasin. Otherwise the stage didnt yield much news. Yes there were mistakes, ruts got bigger, but it was business as usual for the participants. No wonder they werent eager to talk after the penultimate stage.

February 23rd 2008, 14:55

Flash Interviews: Everythings frozen and got even faster!

Today the weather was much more appropriate for snow rallying. The temperature of around 0 degrees is now closer to the minus area. Therere still some puddles on the track, but at least in some sections a thin layer of snow covers the road. The competition is very intense in all categories. Though its only the beginning, sportsmen are ready to share their first impressions. So, flash interviews with some of the participants after SS2

February 23rd 2008, 04:30

Start order for the third section has been published.

Start order for the third section has been published.

February 23rd 2008, 01:18

Is there enough gloss on Russian roads?

Strange question, isnt it? For any Russian the answer is clear. But its not as evident as it seems! Had Russian word, used for defining gloss, been said in Finnish, it would have got completely another meaning, much more relevant to the conditions.

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