February 24th 2008, 12:49

As it was yesterday...

Despite of a "military" holiday, there were only few dramatic moments yesterday, and the race went in a peaceful atmosphere. Now you can look through all the news that came from the previous day's stages...


News flash
February 23th 2008, 10:30
Boris Gadasin finished SS2 without any problems. Other competitors are to follow, but the last crews are only about to start the stage.

February 23th 2008, 10:45
Just before the end of stage two Alexey Berkut rolled his car, the accident being caused by brakes failure. Nevertheless, he made it to the finish. Now the car is in the regrouping area, but without its windshield. It’s not yet known if the crew can continue the race.

February 23th 2008, 11:00
Information from the route – Crew #244 (Pavlov) stopped 2 kms to the finish line, now the crew is trying to repair the petrol pump. Crew #219 (Naglis) stopped at 68th km – engine failure.

February 23th 2008, 11:05
Most of the crews report of good road conditions on the track. The route appears to be even faster and more flowing than it was last year. Ruslan Misikov (#212) complained of misting windshield due to the “African” specification of his car. Some problems with the rear suspension and intercom system also seem to hamper his driving.

February 23th 2008, 12:00
12:00 – Crew #222 (Ducroux) is making its way directly to the service park without entering the regrouping area (passed it with flashing lights on).

February 23th 2008, 12:16
Crew #244 (Pavlov) confirmed their retirement. The race is also finished for crew #245 (Petrov), whose engine broke down. All other cars finished the stage, SS3 starts in few minutes.

February 23th 2008, 13:10
According to the information we got from the route, Boris Gadasin’s car is stopped across the road close to the finish of SS2. Soon it was confirmed by the team’s leader Ruslan Misikov, who said that the reason of his partner’s retirement was a broken driveshaft.

February 23th 2008, 15:00
The crews are ready for the start of SS4. According to the latest information, no more serious accidents happened on the previous stage. Boris Gadasin's car was successfully evacuated.

February 23th 2008, 15:45
First crews are nearing the end of SS4. There haven't been any substantial news yet. After a short stop for changing the tyres to the "liason" ones, the crews will make their way to the evening service, situated on "Igora" resort's territory.

February 23th 2008, 16:15
According to the information from Nart-Time team, crew #236 (Alexander Filippov-Sergey Shatinskiy) heavily rolled the car 4 km to the finish of SS4. The crew aren't injured.

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