February 22nd 2008, 22:54

Let them go somehow...

(quotation from a famous russian cartoon song)

Sport is not only about the competition process itself, but also about the trials before and after the battle. The weather factor in some dicsiplines creates more difficulties for sportsmen. It seems that weather harbors a grudge against pilots and it tests their character and staying power for the main rally. The official opening ceremony of Baja rally-reid “Northern Forest 2008” in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg is the best proof of the above mentioned.   

Morning seemed to be good, above-zero temperature and quite clear sky. But the less time keeps before the official part, the more clear idea seems to be – crews do not worth to wait for many fans and photoraphers do not worth to wait for a bright sun. But anyway pilots definitely will get a close attention and they are safely kept in cockpits of their bolide race cars  (these off-road cars can be definitely called bolide due to their technical “filling” which is compared with one of spaceship!). Press reporters were completely lets say waterlogged. Along the sidewalks the streams of melting snow flowed very fast, wet flocks fell on the faces and clothes look like a wet duster. Participants were trying to “warm up” the spectators by coming to the starting point. The main favorite and FIA International Cup-winner for Bajas Boris Gadasin officially welcomed the spectators, made a sharp starting-up and disappeared in a fog that folded the embankment.

Gadasin was followed by Leonid Novitcky, last year Russian champion, who came out on a high speed under the photographic flashs in a wide stage arc. He touched the stage construction by the right forewheel, but did not damage his car. Spectators got a bit warmed up and stressed. Fortunately, everything was fine and crew passed the starting point in style. Not only rally-reid championship leaders demonstrated themselves. Each of participants tried to show up using the sharp braking or starting. It was so interesting to see and to follow the show of the next crew, that the bad weather and rain-and-snow falls were almost forgot. When the last car had left  the media zone, rain-and-snow falls stopped and sunshine appeared from time to time. That is why the good mood became better expecting the championship. Hope only joyful championship impressions and emotions will keep in spectators as well as in participants!


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