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July 18th 2008, 18:02

Welcome to unique ice & snow baja!

The Northern Forest Baja 2009 will start in Russias second capital Saint-Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The event will be based in the up-market ski resort of Igora in the Saint-Petersburg area. The challenging special stages will follow twisty undulating forest paths, surrounded by snow-covered pine woods sparkling in the light of the northern sun.

February 28th 2008, 16:45

Official results of the International Baja "Northern Forest 2008"

Official results are published for the national and international baja nominations.

February 24th 2008, 23:31


We congratulate the winners of the Baja Northern Forest 2008 St.Petersburg

February 24th 2008, 20:16

The second day - short, but eventful!

The last day of the baja Saint-Petersburg Northern Forest 2008 was also the most eventful one news came one after another.

February 24th 2008, 20:00

Flash-finish interview: following the hot tracks...

Determinative kilometers are behind. They were really determinative: T2 and national class leaders had changed and after an amiabilities exchange the silver and bronze holders of T1 class, of an absolute race respectively, were defined. A lot of impressions. And today pilots tell more about the last racing day. So, here are imressions of participants who fighted for cups in different competition classes...

February 24th 2008, 18:42

Baja Northern Forest 2008 St.Petersburg is over.

The rally-reid cars have not yet come across the finish line, but a lot of spectators had already gathered around the finish stage: the time of the official Northern Forest Baja finish was announced during the show on the scene in the morning. So, all the Igora guests (and they are so many this week-end) knew that at 16:30 the official finish will take place here.

February 24th 2008, 14:05

Miloslav Janachek: We are happy only when we are driving!

Miroslav Zapletal and Miloslav Janachek have already met with russian competitors on the route: during the United Kingdom Baja Competition they managed to get the first place; Boris Gadasin and Alexander Mironenko got the second place that time. But in Russia the Czech sportsmen are newcomers...

February 24th 2008, 13:54

Breaking the off-road stereotypes

The most popular stereotype about rally-raids is that this sport isnt convenient for spectators. This myth was massively shuddered 130km to the north from St. Petersburg, in Gromovo village, where organizers of the Baja Northern Forest created a special spectators area.

February 24th 2008, 12:49

As it was yesterday...

Despite of a "military" holiday, there were only few dramatic moments yesterday, and the race went in a peaceful atmosphere. Now you can look through all the news that came from the previous day's stages...

February 23rd 2008, 23:15

Day of real men

The second day of Baja Northern Forest - 2008 is over. It seemed that weather became quite good for participants, night frozen snow crunchs under car wheels, route has a good sun highlight. Everything forecasts a nice and fascinating fight.

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